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The Denver-based power-trio, Astrostatic, comprised of Ben White (guitar/keys/vocals), Sam Mitchell (drums), and Andrew Van Deusen (bass) are set on getting your booty movin! Self-described as “psychedelic dance rock”, Astrostatic continuously blends rock, funk, jazz, and much more creating a unique sound that makes each live show a different kind of dance party from the last. Each member brings a special set of skills and influences to the table. Rehearsing multiple times a week has created a chemistry between the band members that makes for a fun filled performance each and every time.

Sam Mitchell is a workhorse of a drummer and is always pushing the other members to rise to the occasion. Andrew Van Duesen can only be explained as a monster on the bass guitar. Always thinking of new melodic phrases and riffs but never straying too far away from the main groove. Ben White is the musical leader and part time front man of the band. Primarily playing percussive guitar that works with the rhythm section instead of against it. Also adding synth progressions to make certain jams extra “spacey”. The songs are written by one member having a main idea and the rest of the band contributing to make the song the best it can be.

Throughout the last year, Astrostatic has been gaining a fan base around Colorado. Every show Astrostatic gains new fans. They are not looking back and are just hoping to get people moving and forget about all the headaches that life gives us.

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