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Colorado High 5 is now The Corner Slice

The Corner Slice

Welcome to Steamboat’s newest pizza joint, The Corner Slice, formerly home to Colorado High 5.

We are still working on our new website, but until then stop by today to see our all-new menu, decor, and vibe. Meet our new management team and staff and the best slice of pizza in Steamboat!

Your gonna love it!

Story by Frances Hohl Steamboat Today
March 16, 2018

Bryan Baker and Murphy Frywald show off their new pizza oven at The Corner Slice in Old Town Square in downtown Steamboat Springs

Bryan Baker and Murphy Frywald show off their new pizza oven at The Corner Slice in Old Town Square in downtown Steamboat Springs.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — No more than a few months after sweeping into town to take over the iconic Tap House in downtown Steamboat Springs, the new owners have taken on another restaurant.

Bryan Baker and Murphy Frywald bought the old Colorado High 5 located on the upper floor of Old Town Square at 635 Lincoln Ave.

The newly named Corner Slice had its soft opening last week but will hold it’s grand opening St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

“We’ve got some great staff, two guys from the Brooklyn area with some old family recipes,” Baker said.

As the young, 20-something owners contemplated snapping up the old High 5, they found a deal on a commercial Montague oven, known for its great pizza and bread baking.

“This one specifically has a stone interior, which adds a great heat,” Baker said. “It makes a huge difference in the pizza crust. You can’t get that with what they used to have in here.”

They’re also slowly changing up the restaurant space while perfecting their pizza.

“The goal was to make it a little more homey and welcoming to families and kids,” said Murphy.

“Not so much nightclub,” added Baker.

“We felt it had a confused identity, so we’re opening up the dining space,” Baker explained. “You can grab a quick slice or watch a game. We wanted a fun mountain vibe with great pizza.”

In the meantime, Baker and Frywald are still concentrating on improving food and kitchen space at the Tap House as they get ready to makeover both properties.

They’re also doing a little homegrown marketing, sending out pizzas to friends and other service workers to get the word out about their New York-style pizza.

“We also kept pricing affordable here. We wanted to make sure the locals are appreciated and taken care of,” Baker said.

The two are also doing a paired sponsorship with Triple Crown baseball, hoping to get the word out this summer about the updated restaurants.

“The style of food for both restaurants (Tap House and Corner Slice) go well with that event,” Baker said.

The Corner Slice will continue to have a full bar with draft beer, wine, and drinks, along with a menu of calzones, subs, salads, and appetizers.

They also hope to open up the Corner Slice to local musicians who want to showcase their talent.

Currently, the Corner Slice is open from 3 p.m. to 2 a.m. weekdays and will open at noon on Saturdays and Sundays.

“Late night food is hard to find in town,” Murphy said. “We want it to be a community gathering spot.”

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